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Banqup at IMDA's InvoiceNow Enterprise Week

July 27, 2023
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We were honoured to participate in IMDA's InvoiceNow Enterprise Week, an exclusive event for companies in Singapore from 17 to 20 July 2023. This week-long gathering offered a fantastic opportunity to connect with other businesses, share ideas and stay updated on all things InvoiceNow. As a proud partner of IMDA, Banqup is thrilled to be an IMDA certified service provider and an InvoiceNow compliant solution.

Networking and learning

At the event, our country manager Christophe Vanhoutte, showcased a live demo of Banqup. We demonstrated how Banqup can simplify invoicing processes for businesses. It was exciting to share how Banqup is a valuable asset in making invoicing smoother and more efficient.

IMDA's InvoiceNow Enterprise Week also provided a friendly and collaborative environment for companies to learn from each other and explore the potential of InvoiceNow. Together, we discussed the benefits of electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) and how it positively impacts businesses.

The perfect time to join InvoiceNow

IMDA highlighted that now is the ideal time to join the InvoiceNow network. By adopting e-invoicing through InvoiceNow, businesses can enjoy faster payments, improved efficiency and financial advantages. Plus, there are grants available to support businesses in making this transition.

For example, the InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus is a $200 bonus for all businesses on the network for sending 10 e-invoices on InvoiceNow. This is part of the Transact Grants (ITB) of up to $70,000 to encourage enterprises to come onboard InvoiceNow and start transacting e-invoices with their customers and suppliers on the network.

We are excited to help businesses embrace the opportunities offered by InvoiceNow. As an IMDA certified service provider, Banqup is here to guide you on your journey to smoother invoicing and better financial management. Join us and discover the transformative potential of e-invoicing today!

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