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B2G Invoicing

Send invoices to governmental agencies

Banqup is an AGD-compliant solution that enables you to send your invoices to the government via InvoiceNow, Singapore’s nationwide e-invoicing initiative.

InvoiceNow is the government’s preferred channel to receive invoices.

Business to Government (B2G) invoicing

About AGD and Vendors@Gov

The Accountant General’s Department (AGD) is a department under the Singaporean Ministry of Finance (MOF). The department is, amongst others, responsible for the collection of the invoices made by government vendors on behalf of governmental agencies.

Vendors@Gov is a secure one-stop portal for government vendors to submit electronic invoices, find out about payment statuses and to update particulars.

The option to sent invoices via the Vendors@Gov portal will eventually be phased out and will be replaced by InvoiceNow e-invoicing.

B2G requirements

Easily send invoices to the government

Before you start sending InvoiceNow e-invoices to the government, make sure you meet the following requirements.

Have a CorpPass account

Have an “Approved” vendor record at Vendors@Gov

Check our AGD Guide for a step-by-step process

Make sure you meet all the requirements before sending

Why Banqup

How do I benefit?

Extra security

Carry out business transactions stress-free with government-approved method

Peace of mind

No complicated steps. AGD is a default client in Banqup

Government's preferred channel

Send your invoices via the government’s preferred channel InvoiceNow

Get started with Banqup

Activate your Banqup solution today and start enjoying seamless B2G invoicing process

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