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The ABCs of digitalisation - No longer manually enter invoices and receipts

February 9, 2024
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Did you know that Banqup can digitalise your shopping receipts and paper invoices for you? Essentially, this means that there is no need to manually enter your documents and paper into a billing or accounting program. The data moves there itself - automatically and in real time! Find out why, how and if it costs you anything.

What to do if an invoice arrives as an e-invoice?

Nothing! The e-invoice (electronic invoice) is read-able for both you and your accountant's software, without any extra work or effort required by you or your accountant. 

So, once your suppliers start sending you e-invoices, a lot of the pointless manual work is already done for you! It really is that simple.

What about PDF invoices?

This is where digitalisation comes into play, i.e. making the invoice or receipt machine-readable. It may sound like nuclear physics, but it's really quite simple - you just upload your PDF document to Banqup and Banqup does everything necessary to digitalise the document for you! Banqup’s technology makes sure that every piece of information appears in Banqup in the right place. From who the invoice is from, to the invoice billing details.

Plus, when you activate the Banqup connection with your accountant’s accounting software, your invoice information is automatically transferred from Banqup to the right fields in the accounting program. In other words, neither your accountant, nor anyone else, will have to manually type PDF invoices or invoices received as image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, etc.). What a time saver!

Digitalise invoices in two seconds with your Banqup app

Using your mobile device, open your Banqup app and take a picture of your invoice. And voila! The invoice details will automatically transfer into Banqup, without any data-inputting required.

So, there's no need to collect your invoices or save your receipts, as you can take a picture as soon as you receive them. Neither your accountant nor any other employee has to manually enter the details.

So how does this magic work?

It is actually very easy.

  • Either receive your invoice directly to Banqup, or upload an invoice by email, or take a picture of the invoice/receipt using your Banqup app.
  • Now you can go for a coffee while Banqup performs its magic in the background. Your document will go through an optical character recognition (OCR) process, which takes the most important information from the document, digitalises it and creates an e-invoice for you.

‍If you use a Banqup paid subscription, the digitalised information is also checked by Banqup’s team. If something was not clear for Banqup’s magic, the team will add any missing invoice information during their additional checks.

If you are using a Banqup free subscription, we recommend that you always check the invoice. The quality of automatic digitalisation is 95%. If our OCR has also checked it, it is 99%.

Thanks to the high quality of the digitalisation, both your accountant and your business are spared completely of unnecessary manual document input. In addition, the quality offered by Banqup is significantly higher than manual data entry.

What does it cost?

Digitalisation is an integral part of every package, even the free one, and there is no extra charge. The Banqup Premium package includes validation of the digitalised data, i.e. the Banqup team checks the data and completes it if necessary.

And that’s it! Easy invoice acceptance, and no manual work needed. It really is easy with Banqup.

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