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More possibilities

Flexible invoicing with more features

To make your invoicing tasks even more smooth and secure, we offer a range of advanced features.

Two people collaborating with each other

Customers and Suppliers

In Banqup you can easily create lists of customers and suppliers

Choose per business partner the preferred delivery channel

Banqup will automatically look up if a business partner is on the InvoiceNow network

Blacklist unwanted (spam) incoming invoices from suspicious mail addresses

Product catalogue

Create your product catalogue in Banqup

Even easier to create invoices

Add all your products and services in one place

Keep your product catalogue simply up to data

Pictures of the harbor next to each other
Your one-stop platform

Manage documents that are not invoices

The Doc Center is the perfect place to store your documents other than invoices or credit notes and share them with your accountant (if you choose). This way you can easily keep a clear overview of all your non-financial documents. Create (sub)folders, tag documents and easily share them with your accountant.

Collect documents which aren't invoicesCollect documents which aren't invoices

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