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Choose the best solution for your business!

Banqup offers a tailor-made solution for every company, regardless of its size. No matter how many invoices your company sends, Banqup has a solution for you.

Find a formula that suits you below. Can't find what you're looking for? No problem. We can offer you a customised formula, adapted to your company. Just tell us how many invoices your company processes and we will offer you a suitable formula.

Don't forget the government grant of 200 SGD, paid out after sending 10 InvoiceNow invoices.  

How many documents do you process per year?

< 50
< 250
< 500
< 750
< 1000
< 1500
< 2000
< 3000
< 4000
< 5000
< 7000
< 10,000





Save 20% when you pay upfront for one year


Up to 50 documents per year


Per month

Up to 50 documents per year
Archive your files for up to 12 months
Create invoices with ease

100% digital administration


Per month

Get started quickly and easily with 100% digital administration
Archive your files for up to 7 years
Payments are provided with CODA data

100% digital administration with integrated payment solution.


Per month

Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
General Functionalities
Number of users
The number of users. Additional users can be purchased within the Premium subscription.
Mobile app
Doc centre
Save all kind of documents (contracts, annual reports, etc.) and if needed share them with your accountant.
Customer and supplier database
Save documents and share them with your tax advisor
The period of time for which documents are stored in your Banqup archive
12 months
Adapted to legal archiving period
Create and send invoices
Manual, upload PDF, import UBL, via CRM connection. Invoices can be created directly in Banqup or by importing a PDF or UBL invoice. UBL (Universal Business Language) is the standard format for electronic invoicing. A connection to a CRM application is also possible.
Receive invoices
Automatic data extraction from PDF (OCR)
Automatic data extraction from PDF by software (OCR - Optical Character Recognition), no manual validation.
Data validation of extracted data
The manual validation will correct or complete missing fields or faulty information
Send invoices via InvoiceNow/Peppol
PEPPOL: A network for sending and receiving e-invoices. InvoiceNow is Singapore's nation-wide e-invoicing network.
Send invoices to AGD
Accountant' General Department (AGD) is the government agency that receives invoices on behalf of the Singaporean government.
Accountancy software integration
There is an option to connect to accounting software.
Personalise your plan with extra services
Custom integration
Connect your own applications via APIs e.g. CRM, webshops, ERP.
*The prices mentioned are exclusive of GST (8%)

Do you work with a chartered accountant or a public accountant?

Do not hesitate to ask your accountant to create a Banqup account for you via their Console and to invite you. Put us in touch with them and we will be happy to help in the process.

More than 10,000 documents/year?

No problem, we are happy to make you a proposal tailored to your business. Click on the button below to see your corporate solution options.


Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

What does it mean for my business?

Banqup means having the tools available to manage admin and finance processes via one digital solution.

No longer will businesses need paper, physical documents and no longer will businesses need to input data and manage their finances in more than one place. Banqup provides a clear overview of all incoming and outgoing finances, meaning less time is spent consolidating finances and more time is spent making your business thrive.

Do I need prior knowledge of digital administration software before I start?

Not at all! Banqup is a simple solution to set-up and use, perfect for businesses who have either extensive or no knowledge of digital administration. Take a look at our support guides and blog for extra support.

Is Banqup difficult to set-up and use?

Not at all! Banqup is a simple solution to set-up and use, perfect for businesses who have either extensive or no knowledge of digital administration. Take a look at our support guides and blog for extra help.

How do I sign up to Banqup?

Signing up to Banqup is simple. Take a look at our Starters Guide for the step-by-step process on how to sign up to Banqup.

How can I reach Banqup support?

There are many ways to reach Banqup customer support. Take a look at the support page for all your options.

Is support included in every subscription?

Yes, of course! Not only can you look at the Banqup online guides and blogs, you can also contact the Banqup Customer Support team who will help you with any queries you may have.