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Nationwide e-invoicing initiative

Banqup is InvoiceNow ready

Banqup is the No.1 InvoiceNow solution in Singapore.

Get onboard and discover the advantages without any extra work required, all by using Banqup.


What is InvoiceNow?

In 2019, the governmental agency for digitalisation, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), launched a nationwide e-invoicing initiative, InvoiceNow.

Thanks to InvoiceNow, companies can easily exchange electronic invoices in a structured format with more than 60,000 companies in Singapore that are connected to the global Peppol network for e-invoicing.

Banqup is the Peppol-ready solutions provider that is helping your company simplify the administrative process and say goodbye to manual paperwork for good.

InvoiceNow in Singapore

How to start with InvoiceNow?

In Singapore’s context, the IMDA has implemented the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) E-invoicing standard. Simply put, this international standard generates invoices that contains structured data and allows businesses to exchange documents and data with anyone else registered as part of the network.

IMDA calculated that processing an invoice cost about 8 SGD per invoice. Thanks to InvoiceNow that price is reduced to a fraction.

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You are ready to transact on InvoiceNow


Peppol Access Point

InvoiceNow is a nationwide E-invoicing method operating on the PEPPOL network that facilitates the direct delivery of invoices in a structured digital format across various finance systems.

Banqup is a Certified Peppol Access Point provider. We are accredited by both OpenPeppol and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus from IMDA

Earn rewards when you use InvoiceNow!

IMDA's nationwide e-invoicing initiative has gained significant traction with over 60,000 businesses connected on the InvoiceNow network.

To encourage more businesses to adopt e-invoicing and enjoy its benefits, IMDA has introduced various incentives, including available grants:

InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus: A $200 bonus for all businesses on the network for sending 10 e-invoices on InvoiceNow.

LEAD Connect: A $30k fixed grant applicable to large enterprises with their own finance/ ERP solution.

LEAD Transact: Up to a $40k grant for large enterprises meeting the minimum number of transacting business partners on InvoiceNow.

Why Banqup

How do I benefit?

Be connected

Banqup is Peppol-ready and thus connects you to over 60,000 Singaporean businesses via InvoiceNow

Simplify tasks

E-invoicing with Banqup automates your processes and simplifies admin tasks.

Save time

Leave the technical expertise to Banqup and spend your valuable time on your business.

Comply with Banqup

Be part of the nationwide InvoiceNow network with Banqup.

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