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Tips for Accountants

Supporting your customers’ journey to digital administration

September 18, 2023
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Digitalising your admin and finance processes means that more of your billable hours can be spent being a strategic adviser to your customers. Helping your customers leverage data insights and financial data to help their business grow.

However, this is only achieved if your customers are also digitalising their admin and financial processes. But how do you convince and motivate them to begin this transition?

This is where we are here to help. We have put together a simple and smart action plan that will help you effectively support your customers’ transition from physical documents and manual processes to digital administration.

Action plan

1. Getting your team on board

For this support to take place in an optimal way, your whole team needs to be onboard with the idea of digital solutions and technologies. This may mean increasing the digital skills within your workplace so that your team is completely comfortable using your new digital administration tools. If you aren’t sure how to train your team, then contact your digital administration provider. They will be able to help with webinars, training guides or by even planning a personalised training session for your firm.

Once your firm is fully onboard with your new digital methods, appoint a digital project manager who will be the spokesperson and company advocate. This person will be the one pushing digital technologies and ultimately be the go to person for your customers.

2. Informing your customers

Before you start transitioning your customers to digital administration, you need to inform them first. This may sound obvious but it is how you inform them that is key.

Explain to your customers either by newsletter, phone call or email how your practice is adopting digital tools and solutions to improve how you serve your customers. Tools and solutions that can help your firm grow your customers business and help reduce how much time they spend on accounting and administrative tasks.

Via your initial communications, detail as much as you can. Why your firm is moving towards digital practices. The benefits for your firm and your customers. What digital administration means for your customers and the steps to help them transition.

3. Segmenting your customers

Once your team is onboard and your customers have been informed, you can start transitioning your customers towards digital administration. Think about transitioning your existing customers in batches to help your workload. For any new customers, transition them right away.

If you’re transitioning your customers in batches, it is best to segment them by digital knowledge and digital use. For example, start with customers who already send you certain documents electronically. These customers will most likely be used to digital solutions, apps and digital terminology. They will find the whole process of digitalising the admin part of their business a simpler and smarter solution.

The final customer segment you should transition are those that do not use any digital technology. Keep these customers last so that you have ironed out any obstacles with previous customers. Your transition process should then be seamless for this segment.

4. Training clients

Once your customers have started their transition, it is important to follow up and ensure that your customers have the training and information they need. Your digital administration provider should also be available to help. Make sure your customers are aware of the additional support which could include:

If you think that a few of your customers will need training you can organise an event at your firm. This is an opportunity to understand how digitally savvy your customers are and to also build a stronger customer relationship.

Digital administration with Banqup

Digital administration with Banqup means a simple and smart solution for your firm and your customers. Banqup has been designed as the simplest solution on the market so that your team and customers can quickly get onboard with digital administration.

Banqup is also here to help. Explore our training guides and customer support team that exist for both your firm and your customers. A simple and smart solution for all.

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